Welcome to Dale, Texas !

Sabrina, Scarlette, and Marcia . . . These amazing women dedicate their lives to horses. From rehab to training. . . Well. I am constantly amazed.

All of our Soul Horses who have completed quarantine and are healthy and sound enough to continue a career as riding  horses go to Dale to find their ‘niche’.

Please call or email for questions and available horses!

Also home to the infamous and entertaining Nacho and Salsa. . . Mini pair deluxe ❤

sh troy dale




August 2018 ~

That beautiful bay girl is Athena , formerly known as Jaharra . Look at her!

Scarlette fell in love and I can see why! At Unique Horsemanship in Dale, Texas we strive to give each horse  what I like to call ‘their head’.  I prefer not force any discipline, but to allow the horse to show what they have a natural affinity and liking for. This girl hit a grand slam with barrels…she loves it! I love seeing her love it.

Also in training now ~





Cullen’s Train


Horses lined up ready for work!