Kc’s Corner

So…sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to know someone amazing.
Amazing at what they do, their passion for it, and as a person.
I am fortunate enough to not only know someone such as this. . .
But to work closely with and call her my friend.
KC is our ‘go-to’ quarantine  and rehabilitation woman!
( Sometimes we let her husband help. Love you, Steve!)

Located in Madisonville, horses in their care are ( besides spoiled ) vetted, assessed, wounds tended, minds calmed, bodies treated.
Most all of these horses come in in terrible shape, both body and mind. Sick, starved, hurting, injured. . .
Experienced in all walks of horsemanship ( or woman ship. . . ) These horses could not ask for better care. They heal. . . and are ready then to go on to their next stage.

Is that a bedtime story you’re telling him , Kc? Busted!

A few of the horses :

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