You just never know what you may find in a ‘kill pen’…..
Just a few of the precious souls helped . . .
Now safe and loved. . . Given  another chance at a better life ❤

GH Echotas Echo ❤

Rescued July , 2016 from Bastrop, LA Kill Pen.

                                                      2008 Arabian Galding ❤

His story is a sad one….but how fortunate to have found this gorgeous, wonderful boy!!!Quite the character, this guy .



bastrop arab boy2.jpg

‘Witnez’ ❤

14 Year old Arabian Gelding saved from Ark-LA Kill pen August, 2016 ❤

This guy….was passed over and literally about to step onto the slaughter truck. How blessed we are to have been able to get to him! He’s come quite a ways 😉



‘Merida’ ❤

15 Year old Arabian mare rescued from Kaufman Kill Pen, Texas October 2016

This mare…is so, so awesome!!! Honestly one of my absolute favorites of so many we have taken in. This is one special, special girl. Not to mention she rides like a dream. That’s just a plus! ❤



Merida jess2.png

Merida jess.png

Army veteran and farrier Jess taking a little stroll around the pasture!


‘Hondo’ ❤ ~August 2017  Elkhart Horse Auctions

Elkhart Blind paint

‘Sammy’ ❤ ( Yes, Sammy Hagar…that hair!)

~Saved from Kaufman Kill Pen , August 2017


‘Nicksallouthulahand’  ~ ❤
Elkhart Horse Auctions,August 2017



‘Teeny’ ❤  ~ Kaufman Kill Pen , August 2017



‘Blue’ ❤ ~ Bastrop , LA Kill Pen ~August,2017


‘Ripalena’ ❤ ~ Elkhart Horse Auctions ~ August, 2017


‘Finn’ ❤  ~ Kaufman Kill Pen ~July 2017


‘Misty’ ❤ ~Elkhart Horse Auctions August 2017

‘Bail of the Ball’ ❤
~ Elkhart Horse Auctions August 2017


 ‘Seleanas Michael’ ❤ ~ *Special Case ~August 2017


‘Steel’ ❤ ~ *Special Case ~ August 2017

NSH geldings ~ Kaufman Kill Pen ‘The Brothers’
September 11th 2017

2 year old and 15 year old Geldings ❤

September 2017 , Thus Far…… Saved faces ❤


Bought separately. . .  Kaufman Kill Pen December 2017
Upon arrival to pick up theis lovely mare ( left photo). . . She was terribly bonded with Mt. Personality there. . . How on earth could we leave him behind? Now happily together in their new home!

February 2018 :
Tonadico………..Kaufman Kill pen.
Bred by Lucian Farms, and sold to what was meant to be a forever home. Do not blame the breeder. . . He did not know. This horse is safe ❤