American Badasses

‘Badasses’ come in many forms…..
To me?
It is those making a difference in lives…be it human or animal.

Badasses lift up, not put down. Hey create, not destroy. Empower, not diminish.
They bring light to darkness….Most likely because they know what it is like to be in darkness.
So….I present to you some American Badasses!
Women , men….people who have made a difference in at least one life. In this case………horses.
Horses saved from slaughter in America to now live happy , fulfilled , peaceful lives with people who appreciate them.
Come on…..
Be a badass ♥

Below are horses rescued by people across the United States. Coast to coast rescued horses and their people.
Hats off to each and every one of them!
Video is of just a few of the Soul Horse Girls ♥
Stay tuned…..I expect many more badasses to come.