We are a small but mighty group. . .
Taking rescue to a whole new level.

Kill Pens. Slaughter bound….Auctions….Horses in terrible circumstances. . . There are far too many. We, small as we may be , step in where we can, save those we can….and change the life of one horse at a time. This year alone, Soul Horse TX has saved over 300 hundred horses. We currently have many many horses in our care being rehabilitated, and are still seeking donations to rescuing more.
After ‘bailing’ ( from a kill pen), interception at auction, or taking in ANY horse, our “saves” are put in quarantine, vetted, and fully assessed as to their needs. Once done with a minimum thirty day period ( depending on the situation) , they are moved either to pasture ( if needing ‘sanctuary ‘, or as I call it the ‘Life of leisure’, our training facility ( for healthy, sound horses that can be ridden ), or adopted straight into loving, contracted homes.
We go by what each horse needs, what will best suit them for the life ahead of them.
Thank god they have one!

Meet the team!

We are so, so fortunate to have the people we do. Our haulers, quarantine facilities, volunteers, and trainers are amazing.
With three locations, we are able to help more and provide the quality care needed for these guys.
Dale, Texas
Beaumont, Texas

Our horses are first sent to quarantine  of course.
After completion, they are sent to Dale, Texas and Beaumont.
The fabulous trainers in Dale ( Marcia and Sabrina) do amazing work getting these horses readjusted into their new life, trained, and prepared for their next chapter in life.

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Our  facilities in Madisonville and Louisiana provide experienced, fantastic care during their quarantine phase.  Each horses is assessed, vetted, and of course, spoiled…. Each need tended to and addressed  so as to ensure good health and bettering their quality of life to go on to the next page of their book  ♥

~Randi L. Collier
Beaumont, Texas
EIN: 82 3484096