It’s a Girl!!!

Welcome Cisco to the Soul Horse TX Family she was rescued from a kill pen, on May 8th, she was saved by Katherine Jones Raby, “Kat” as we call her. She would not leave without her, and thanks to everyone sharing posts and donating we were able to save her life…

She has a leg wound which is now doing better but she has developed respiratory issues and will need more veterinary care. Her vaccines, domperidone in case her milk does not come in and other expenses, are in need of help if any can contribute to her care at the Vet. (Details posted below)….

Now on to the EXCITING NEWS!!! Cisco has just had a baby girl!!! Congratulations everyone it’s a girl!!!! Born on May 13, 2019!!! What a beautiful girl she is!!! Congratulations Cisco your a Mommy now!!!

To help with the vet bills and care for Cisco and her baby please send donations to:

Or the vet directly (you can call in a credit card payment or mail in a check) – please let them know it is a donation for Cisco under the care of Kat Jones (Soul Horse TX). Thank you to all who are sharing posts, donating and praying for their safe recovery and well being. All of your thoughts, prayers, shares, and donations are greatly appreciated!

Bristow Veterinary

P.O. Box 658

Bristow, OKlahoma 74010


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