Foal Focus ~

Dallas , saved from slaughter while pregnant in May 2018 and her foal
Maverick ♥

I love them all, see. The senior horse now ‘too old’ for riding .
The unhandled two year old that is ‘a gamble’.
The unknown ‘cold backed gelding’. The abused Draft mare.
The sad eyed BLM mustang wondering what the hell happened to him. Or her.
But the babies………..
So young,innocent. They’ve never hurt a soul. To have their future ripped away so early, . .
Just as many wee ripped from their mothers.
I can no bear it. . . When there is a will and a way to help them, why should we not?
So, my focus shifts. I will never turn away from a horse in need….any of them.
But these babies. . . . .
So many are torn from their mothers. . . either far too young, or still in the womb.
Yes, they ‘remove’ the foal from a pregnant mare before shipping her to slaughter.
This is terribly cruel, cold, unnecessary.
Foals far too young are separated so their mothers can make ‘the weight load’ for the slaughter trucks.
This is not a ‘sympathy ploy’. It is not ’emotional extortion.’
It is cold, hard, brutal fact.
Yes, it is emotional. It is horrifying.
It is cruel.
And it is absolutely unacceptable.
Until there is ‘a better way’. . . We must BE the ‘better way’ .
Yes, I would like to spread awareness and also save as MANY of these innocent souls as possible.
TO build them a place of freedom, love, space where they can breathe. Live. Grow up as all horses should be
allowed to.
A ‘freedom farm’ for foals, if you will. A safe haven where they can just ‘be’. Learn to be horses, to be loved, to be free from cruelty, pain, suffering of any kind.
A sanctuary for the ‘Broken’. . . With hopes we can mend them and enrich their lives.
This is my dream. We have the will. The time. The work. . . the desire.
We do not have ‘The funding’.
Will you help?

I do not care who says it is ‘Foolish’. To hell with the naysayers.
These babies………..
Far overshadow anything else.
What cold possibly be more worth fighting for than life?

Let’s build a miracle.
For them.

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