Soul Horses ~ The Current Residents

February 2019 ~

Looking over all the amazing horses currently in Soul Horse care fills me with joy that they got a second chance at life . They are safe, loved, appreciated.
I thought it would be wonderful to share them all in one place with those who helped them get here , who ‘rooted’ for them, donated, shared, watched their journeys. Beneath the photo album you will find their stories.
So, without further gilding the lily , I present to you all our resident Soul Horses as of February 21, 2019 !
Oh, and one resident bovine , ‘Dimaggio’ the orphaned bottle calf . . .

One thought on “Soul Horses ~ The Current Residents

  1. You totally rock sweetheart ! That’s what you are …. Thank you for all the beautiful horsies you have and are rescuing! The care I see there is simply phenomenal! Thank you for rescuing our darling little Rain… she will have a happy happy forever home with me, and Jim… and our grandchildren !


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