Oklahoma Overload ~

‘Can you help them? ‘ she asked me.
‘Look at them, they are just babies’.
I ignored the first message.

With the constant berating and bashing over ‘difference of views’ on social media regarding ‘rescue’, how on earth could I possibly attempt to even TRY to get help or these 14 babies? We have 78 horses. . . All kill pen saves. . . reliant upon us to feed them, tend them, care for them.

Another message came.
‘ Can you at least share them or look at them? Just babies! No one is even looking at them.’

I looked at them but did not respond.

Then I looked again.

The third message ….. ‘But who will help them ? They have until Thursday.No one is helping at all!’

The answer in my mind was……
Sadly, no one.

I always have a spark of hope that there is someone who will step in.
Someone will surely help .
I understand that they are ‘kill pen horses’ . I get it.
But as she said ‘They’re just babies’.
Who have they ever hurt? Let down? Not fulfilled what was asked of them?

Once I have seen their eyes, I can not turn away. I sometimes ask myself why that is….
But it is not something I can explain, to be honest. It is soul level.
Beyond their color, coat, build.
It’s in the eyes.

We helped these babies.
All of them.
The two thin mares as well.

I am not made to turn away from this. From them.
I am not made to ‘leave it up to someone else.’
For I have learned…. I am ‘someone else.’
So are you.

The saying goes ‘Be their voice’.
I am here to say I do not feel they would use that voice to do what people do. To cause conflict, berate, hate, cause harm.
So yes.
Soul Horse is taking these babies in.
With finances stretched to the max, tensions high and hurting hearts….
We want them.

Many say ‘But how ? Why?’
I am a firm believe in ‘where there is a will there is a way’.
In this case, , , I know that I am not the only person who looks at them and sees life.
That is ‘Why’. As for how…….
I keep the eternal hope that help comes when needed.
If you but ask……….
More will come to you than you may dream.

This may very well be my ‘Last Hurrah’. My last ‘Mass Bail’ . . . I am not sure, for you never know.
It is not my desire for it to be so , but with the rising number of horses in kill pens, the lower amount of donations, the sheer hostility of the ‘rescue community’….I do not know what lies ahead.
But never will I not try.

For now I know that I, and those of like mind, helped these horses. I know that they will be safe, loved,rehabilitated and placed with people who truly want them.
This has always been enough for me to know .
So I am glad I did not ‘look away’.

After all……….
They’re just babies.

And now they get to live.

~Randi Collier

Original Video from the Oklahoma Kill Pen

The long Road Home ~

Update March 2019

The eagles landed safely. . . .
Sick, cold, wet, they were quite the mess.
They are now doing beautifully and we will keep you updated on their progress!

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