The Tamsin Tale

Tamsin is the name they’ve given me.
Tam for short.
I don’t have many memories yet for I am very young. I do know that I did not have my mother for very long.

I don’t really remember what all happened, nor do I know why, but I was taken to a noisy place, alone. There were so many horses here. So many loud voices.

They stuck something to my fur here which I didn’t  understand.They shooed me toward a little ring with people everywhere….
I pretended I was brave, and big. Maybe that way no one could hurt me. I trotted around in the little arena and whinnied at the top of my lungs as my mother had told me to do if need be.
I was hungry and scared and I hoped if I was good they would see that.
I wasn’t in there long and I heard the word ‘Sold!’
I hoped that was a good thing!
A nice man came the next day and led me to a big red box.( I was supposed to get in this thing again?!?)
But I hopped in because i seemed like fun, honestly. He was gentle and laughed at how tiny I was.
The next place was nice and they took good care of me. Plenty to drink, for I was still needing milk, they said.
THere was a really cool old dog here that stuck close to me during my stay.
The man came again and told me now I’d be going to my new home and that I would like it there. Back into the big red noisy box….This time I wasn’t alone for the ride!
Oh man he was right! I liked this place the minute I hopped out of the box! ( He called it a trailer)
THey were so excited to see me, like they’d been waiting! They had a stall ready just for me with warm milk, food and soft shavings to roll around in.
A woman with the sweetest voice hugged me and said ‘Welcome home, baby. ‘ I heard her say that I was only two months old. Had it really only been that long?
She said here I would be loved and safe.
The words were nice to hear but I had already felt it the moment I arrived.
She glances at me with worry sometimes, something about how I didn’t get enough milk and nutrition fast enough. I hope that worry leaves her eyes, for I feel pretty good.
There were other babies here too! One even smaller than I . They call him Nacho and he cracks me up. He showed me around the place!
Dallas, Mavericks mom, didn’t know what to think of me . I watched her with him, how she nuzzled him and I missed my own mother.
Don’t get me wrong, I was happy! Very much so.
She warmed up to me after a bit and now Mav and I run and play and surely get on her nerves.

Then I met Santana. She was older, kind, wise.
She walked around with me, freely, as we’re enouraged to do. She told me stories of her life, things she had seen and done. OH man I wanted to do some of the stuff she did! Barrel racing sounded fun!
I worried about her, for she had to lie down more and more…. but she always greeted me with affection.
I may have lost my birth mother early but how many hroses get two new moms? And humans who dote on them?

The night before Santana left she talked to me. She said listen, closely.
Run . Play. Love , with all you have. Trust. Be smart, but be kind.
Cherish your friends.
You are a gift, and have been given one. Never forget that.

She said I was lucky to be here, with humans like this.
Even in my youth I know she was right .
I hear so many stories from the others…
Where they had been and what it was like. Scary…
My one turn through the auction ring without my mom was bad enough but listening to what they went through…Scary!
I would indeed say I’m lucky. They allow me to be me. They scratch me and laugh when I run around the yard with my friends.
I seem to have a cat, too. 
The warm blanket they wrap around me in the cold feels so good.
Im allowed to laze about with my friends and play all day . I never go without food and water or pettings….I don’t want to think what is like to have to.
I’m trying to get through to Brodie, the wild one , and show him it he okay now. I don’t know what all happened to him, he hasn’t talked much about it.
Whatever it was it makes him fearful of everything…even having a blanket put on. ( I love mine!) He’s really missing out! I hope I can change his mind.
Dallas says this will be our first Christmas and that it is a wonderful thing. Neat lights and funny music. Sometimes the humans put silly hats on us and she says ‘Let them’.
They love you, all of us, so why not let them have a smile with something so harmless?
I guess I’ll allow it.
She said too that sometimes they’ll bring presents! Treats. This confuses me a little because don’t we get that everyday?
Laughingly she says ‘Yes, but a little extra, sometimes. You’ll see, darlin, you’ll see’.

I am young , yes. . .
But even I know I have it pretty good. I will miss Santana. Dallas says she didn’t want to leave us but it was time for her to go on to the next adventure.
One day I’ll understand more, I’m sure.
For now…. I will just be happy, as she told me to do.
And you know what? That is pretty darn easy to do here.

There is a new colt here that looks kind of like me and they call him Tam II. Double trouble, I tell you!
Watch out world.
Don’t worry, I’ll show him the ropes .

I have to go chase Nacho away from the new bags of grain now as it’s one of my favorite things to do, and our people laugh.
I think they need a laugh today.

And hey…for the first time in my life I get to say…….

Merry Christmas!

PS~ Here they come with the Santa hat. 

~ Randi L. Collier
December 17th, 2018

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