Being Brown

Meet ‘Trooper’ 
This 10 year old gelding was saved from slaughter and was a mess. Scared, thin, severely tender footed due to lack of farrier care,  terribly beaten. 
He is not tall. 14.1 Hands only.He is not ‘flashy’….a plain brown wrapper? You know what else is ‘just plain’? Chocolate. I , for one, love both this ‘little brown horse’…..and chocolate. 
It  has saddened me, for years, to see ‘plain brown horses’ with hearts so huge, so much athleticism, so much to give….go unnoticed because of their ‘plain appearance’.  Five potential adopters have said ‘Well….I’d really rather a horse with more color………..’
When I look at this horse, I do not see plain. I see a survivor.  A huge heart with melt – you eyes. An overcomer.  Going from fear to restored faith in humans  . Sure, that took time, effort, patience , love. . . . Loads of farrier work and hours of just ‘being’ with him. 
But….look at him now. 
No, I do not just see ‘a little brown horse’ . 
I see a miracle. 
There are many ‘Troopers’ out there………and yet……….none quite  exactly like him. 

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