Cimarron Rose

May , 2018
Her story should be told. She deserves that. She was beautiful.

She IS beautiful.
Cimarron Rose. . . Foaled April 22, 2013 in Louisiana. . bred to be a star.
She started ten times. . . Never to win. But damn she tried!
She ran at Evangeline April 4th, 2018.
At age 5, she went through auction in Louisiana….and ended up in a kill pen.
Yes, she was bailed. . .
Injured so severely that her body could not take it.
She died May 4th,shoes still on her feet, in arms that tried desperately to save her.
Thank you for that, you know who you are.
Share her story. No horse should endure this.
There are more . . just like her…who need you. Right now.
She was not the only one.
They rely on you…to be their voice. They speak, if you’ll listen.
Will you?






Sh rose face3

sh rose facehand

Baby…. If love could have saved you. . .
You’d have lived forever.
In our hearts, you will.


Vet report regarding Cimarron Rose            ( Sara) and see DO She Run ( Calvin):

Ms. Collier;

 Both of these animals were seen after the history of a trailer accident.  Both had life threatening injuries.   “Calvin” had his left forefoot ground down from friction on highway.  A very grave prognosis was given, pain management, antibiotics, bandages.  (Sara) had a mandibular fracture, severe injury to right hind feet.   A very grave prognosis was given and your agent stated that she would be euthanized, and support bandages with pain management was administered.

Radiographs were started, but your agents declined complete series.  Radiographs will be sent in a separate e-mail.

 Dr. Doug Brandon

sara, collier0001

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