Once more. . .

May 2018
Again. . . in a Louisiana kill pen. . .
Eighteen Thoroughbreds stand with no help. No hope.
We will update this soon with the full story.
Stay tuned ❤
For NOW….we get the remainder safe . . . https://soulhorsetx.com/donate-share/

May 8th:
ALL of these guys are now safe.
Updates soon!


THL oh god9THL od




THL oh god sorrelTHL dark6sh sara8sh sare2sh sara legSh rose face3




Update ~ May 10th 2018

The freedom wagon has safely picked up the herd!
Many of these guys are banged up, far too thin, scared to death. . .
But safely out and home to begin quarantine and healing.
We will introduce everyone individually as we learn who they are.
For now, just a few photos of that first bit of freedom.
THANK you to all who helped!
All horses are now residing in Texas ❤

Update : May 18 2018

Still getting to know these guys! Sadly, we have lost ‘See Do She Run’.  HIs story will be told.
We welcome thus far:
Jet Set Dot
Martin De Tours
Johnny Zippo
Gum Creek
Secret Hurricane
More names to come as we decipher tattoos ❤

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