The $5.00 Horse

There were many times before I started doing this rescue and taking donations that I saw ’causes’ or things I thought ‘ I wish I could donate something’. . . But I don’t have enough to make it worthwhile.

I was very, very wrong.

Several weeks ago I was ( haha, of course!) …attending an auction. We all have weeks …months, hell years where funds are at an all time low, right? Lord knows I do…and often ( I can not imagine why!). This particular night, I was already crunching numbers in my head after having bid one one horse ….when the saddest(yet somehow at the same time SASSY!) ,cutest little thing walked into the arena. A wee little mare, who looked quite pregnant. So…dang..CUTE! Now usually…these ponies and ‘minis’ go quite high. I thought surely she would, too! . . . She did not. I knew who was bidding for her, and that would have been precisely what I try to PREVENT by attending the auction in the first place. (Kill pen!)
Doing the math in my head, (not my favorite thing to do!)..I did not have enough to bid against him.
The bid was $260.00 I had exactly $267.55 in my ‘Auction’ account. To bid him any higher, I’d have to have $270.
My phone dinged off with one of those oh so annoying ’email notifications’…
An anonymous donation for $5.00 . . . Through this website… was received.
I now had $272.55.
‘Going once….Internet bidders?’ Going twice,I’m a’ gonna sell her!’………
I raised to $270.
And I won.
So….if you truly feel $5.00 is ‘too little…It won’t matter…. Surely that wouldn’t make a difference? Then please, meet the $5.00 horse.


( No, we do not actually call her ‘5 dollar ‘. This is ‘Diva’. )

And to that anonymous person with their impeccable timing… Thank you , for not thinking that five dollars was ‘too little’.

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