‘Hondo’ …The Blind Stallion

Yes, yes, I am talking about auctions again. I’ll skip the usual introductions pertaining to why I go….  I’ve gone into that in several other stories. So, without further adieu!….

The story of ‘Hondo’

August 19th, 2017 ~ Elkhart Auction Barn

This auction, for some reason was particularly rough. Some nights are like that. . .

We had already bought a stallion , early on in the auction, that we saw prior to going. (His story will be posted as well, of course 😉 ) Funds were a bit low , as were moods. So many went through this night… for so little. It happens, it is a part of it. You do what can, where you can.

The crowd begins to thin , naturally, the later it gets. After midnight it is the die- hards, the ‘kill buyers’ , those waiting on a particular horse, and the flat out troopers who just stick it out to the end.

I was not counting on, nor could I have imagined, what happened near the end. I don’t think anyone was.

The gate opened… and a paint horse, unhaltered, head high, nose in the air, crashed his way through, slowly, bumping the sides on his way in, feeling his way into the ‘ring’. You could have heard a pin drop. The auctioneer, usually boisterous, entertaining,funny and just  a hoot to listen to, lowered his voice.

 ‘This horse is  blind, y’all. Be easy with him’ . He felt his way into the center, head cocked, ears swiveing , trying to make sense of where he was. ‘This is an 8 year old paint… Still a stud, now, he’s a stud.’ NOT words most people want to hear, sadly. I am not one of those people.  ‘Who can give $50 for him?’…how about $70? Nothing. Not a sound.  ‘He’s got a crooked head, too.’  I was a little shocked, honestly, to see this horse standing there, alone. Scared.  Listening. He stood stock still, waiting. Maybe he was waiting on me, I do not know. ”What can y’all give me for him? Can I get $70′?’Ok $70…. I snapped back into what was actually happening, and bid $100. $90?… ‘Sold for $90 dollars’ . . . .to me. He slowly, with the guidance of two people…made his way back through the gate. The mood was a little heavier , but the action ,the usual chatter and sound resumed.Truth be told, after the other stallion this same night, I did not have ninety dollars. . . But it was raised within the hour. THAT was heart warming. Elkhart Blind paint

I do not ever want to know who brought this horse there, who could be so cruel as to think that was a fair thing to do to him. Then again…it turned out well , considering. I cannot question ‘why’ too much on this one. It was shocking, I think, to nearly everyone who witnessed it…

Yet he is alive,he is safe, and he gave ME this story to tell .

I think in time, he wil tell us what happened to him, as much as he can.  He is terrified, wary , and he is completely  blind . Yes, in both eyes…. And he is smart.

Time . Space. Reassurance. These are the things he needs, and precisely what he will get. He will let us now what is best for him, and we will give that to him. He trailered safely home, and is feeling his way about , slowly.

RESCUES blind paint 3

Hondo…it means warrior…And he just looks like a ‘Hondo’.  (It’s also a damn good movie.) This horse has a story to tell, and I hope it  has a damn happy ending. We will try our best for it to be just that.

As always, thank you to those who support, share, and enable us to do what we do. . . And help horses, one at a time.




4 thoughts on “‘Hondo’ …The Blind Stallion

  1. Oh I am so crying on this one! I’m crying so hard just my beautiful horse and the wonderful thing that you just did to save him and give him a soft place to fall! God bless you now and always!


      1. thank you so much….how scary that must have been for him….what if no one took him…can’t even think of the terror that would have put him through…..love him…he is a wonderful, living, breathing, feeling soul….you have been blessed…


  2. I just tear up every time I see him. It broke my heart to see him at auction. I can’t tell you how very thankful I am that he is in your loving care.


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