R194 . . .’The Prison Stallion’

May 27th, Elkhart Texas

So the ‘Prison Horse’ sale here is quite a big deal. A chance to own one of the horses that served in the Huntsville,Texas prison system….Pretty cool, right? Yes! Gorgeous, trained horses. . . much anticipated and just a NEAT thing!

This night was special. The first prison stallion to be brought to this particular auction showed his face. . . He came in late, and did not have a ‘flyer’ with his name and information as the other horses did. But my LORD he was magnificent! Here… see for yourself…



Handsome , isn’t he? According the bit of history given , he was still being used for breeding up until he was brought in.Such a proud, spirited horse!

He sold for a bit over $1,000 in the ring. For this horse, that was a hell of a buy. Surely this lucky person would care for him! Love him, tend to him, respect him for what he is?One would think …and hope so.

August 2017 

How the mighty can fall. . . with the help of human cruelty. This horse was found three months later. . . Gelded. Starved. Beaten.Shot. Abandoned. They ( I do not know WHO) took nearly everything from him. His name,his pride, his health, and damn near his life.



They did not, nor will they ever, take his worth…Or  his future. I have been fortunate enough , with help, purchase this horse from the individual who found him in this condition. I detest the circumstances. . . But I believe he and I both….will love the outcome.

I can not give him his old life back. . . But I CAN close this terrible chapter for him, and give him the rest of his life. I am blessed to be able to do that …. For him.

His name..Is Seleanas Michael  aka… ‘Mike’. (Apparently also affectionately known as Jaws )The Huntsville Prison system was kind enough to share that when i called and asked. The least I can give him…Is his name back .

Thank you to each and every person who made this possible.

The beginning of healing: August 11th, 2017



Updates on his progress will be posted.

THIS…THIS!!! Is where that $5, $10….whatever is donated. . .this is where it goes. Is that not a beautiful thing? ❤


And still steadily healing. The boy is doing wonderful!



Read more about Texas Prison horses here:





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