‘276’….The Unhandled Buckskin Beauty

Screenshot (2128)


Saturday night….Auction barn. . . .

So many horses going through, and far too cheaply. Riding horses….young, old, thin, in good health….Adorable ponies. Minis!…..

And then there was this guy. Brought into the ring ‘loose’…said to be ‘unhandled’, never worn a halter, and has a ‘bad’ right eye. I fell in love. Sometimes one just grabs you . Sure, he’s ‘pretty’….That is merely a bonus. It was far more than that. . .

I watched…waited…SURELY this horse will go higher?!? . . . ANy minute now…. I was so shocked when he didn’t, I lost the bid. He was purchased by a kill buyer from a nearby kill pen. I couldn’t let this one go. With some help, I pled my case. ‘What will you let him go for?’ …..’A hundred over what I paid in the ring’. (Not nearly as bad as I feared it would be!)  Did I have the total amount? No….THIS is where kind, caring, loving, amazing people come into play. With help…I had it.

And by God …..I got him. He is safely home. And funny enough? He’s already wearing that halter like a pro 😉

This horse was flat out a diamond. A gem. A blessing. Welcome to the family, darling. Your  name isn’t  ‘726’ anymore.






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