Auctions…And why I attend them

Ahhh, auctions. A timeless tradition…..


I don’t know who reading this has ever attended a horse auction. Once upon a time it was a fun, entertaining thing to do…a way to pick up a good horse for far less money, eat some good food, have a good time on a weekend.It still is…Only now, knowing what I know….I know when I’m bidding against a kill buyer. I now know their buyer numbers. I see them. I know that horse in the ring’s fate if that number wins. I have never been delusional enough to think that I can save them all. What I CAN do… is change the end for one at a time.

It is not always pretty. Too many horses, packed into to small of a space, tagged like an ‘item’… I see scared horses. . . ‘old’ horses …thin horses…horses in their prime, Adorable ‘minis’ . Registered horses…none deserve the fate of a kill pen, really. It is a cold, cruel way to leave this world. How they end up here is never the same story. … The important part is what happens for them next.

Auction is a part of the horse industry that is NOT going away. And really, it shouldn’t. It is also a way for me to change the life, the story, for one horse at a time…if I am fortunate enough to be able to do so. Sometimes, yes, I need a bit of help with that.

SO! It is auction night. I’m ready….Are you?



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