The Mini Mare Capades…..

SSES Bastrop minis July20177.jpg

Here is a little story about  love and loss….And an amazing group of women that banded together to make a tragic event….Something beautiful.

July, 2017 

Location : Louisiana……On down to Texas

The tragedy and triumphs of rescue… 

‘Bailing’ a slaughter bound kill pen horse ist just step one. It is what comes after that is so grueling .July, 2017 we saw several mini horses bailed and ‘SAFE!’ *Cheer!*…. All paid, read to be picked up! That freedom ride out of hell.  Anyone familiar with rescue will be all too aware of ‘Hauling and QT’. That is where we’ll begin with the mini capades.

So we have a group of mini horses in a Louisiana Kill Pen. Forward charge the veteran horsewoman Susan to the rescue!( We will be hearing a lot from Susan,aka  ‘Lucky’… definitely stay tuned for THOSE stories!) One of our dear ladies invoved so heavily in rescue, both adopting and donating often ( we will call her ‘S’), purchased one of said minis.  A beautiful little mare! Off goes Susan to pick up this load of newly freed horses to take them to….QT! ( We will get into THAT later).

Now keep in mind in our ‘neck of the woods’, it is middle of summer and HOTTER than a frying pan on a stove in hell , the air heavy and much like  trying to suck mud through a coffee straw. But this doesn’t stop them. ‘I’ve got Iced tea, a Ripit and maybe a burrito from a gas station on the way’ she says. . . SO… Susan’s ready to go.

Several long, hot hours later, everyone is back home ….exhausted but safe….

Wait. One of these girls isn’t doing so well. Even with a soft place to collapse, a bucket of water she so desperately needed, and hay to eat at her own pace, this little girl is just in a bad way. She is loved on. Cared for. Fed. Talked to. Stroked on the head and told it will be alright now. And it was…until it wasn’t. ‘S’s’ little girl did not make it. For reasons never to be known, neurological damage was done. It was time.

Now here is the beauty of this story…. This same group of women (whom I have the fortune to call friends) led by who we will for now call ‘B’ . . . . In private, put their heads together, raised enough money to buy another for ‘S’. . . unbeknownst to her. The dynamic duo of  Susan and Tammy aka ‘Tuff’ ( another we will be become very familiar with soon!) are off again! This time to Texas…. in search of a healthy, strong, girl. (Oh to be a fly in the wall of THAT road trip!) And damn if they were not successful. A healthy, gorgeous mini mare….who will be presented to ‘S’ shortly.

I for one can not wait to see her reaction.

Now tell me this isn’t a hell of a thing, and that these are not extraoridinary women.

P.S. . . I haven’t yet asked if  Tuff got another pet cactus on this trip….. (Stay tuned!) 😉

  • The other minis are doing well, just in case you wondered. More to come….
  • Photo is of actual horses bailed by above mentioned. ❤




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