Soul Horse….

Dedicated tothe love of the horse simply for their existence…

Their beauty. . .

Their grace. . .

And all that they embody.

Taking ‘Rescue’ to a whole new level…
We rehabilitate , better, and rehome. 

Our Mission ~

Healing mind, body, and soul of discarded, mistreated, and abandoned horses .

Our Goals ~

To improve the lives of as many horses as we feel called to help. Not only saving horses from slaughter but enriching their lives through nourishment of body and mind, we care for these amazing animals, each and every one whilst they await their own new forever person.

Sometimes,….that is us.

Horses have a unique ability of bringing people from all walks of life, all over this world, together. That is what we wish to see.

‘We are all just walking each other  home’ ~ Ram Dass

What makes us different ~

We are a unique group of women and men who incorporate a natural state of being for God’s horses. A team of phenomenal individuals with a  vision of wellness through natural healing , we use nature’s remedies as often as possible, energy healers, and the  ‘old ways’ with our own twist. We wish to educate and inspire many more horse lovers and owners through our example of rehabilitation , training, and  illustration of the power in the human and horse bond. 
It is always our hope for these once unwanted horses to find their person….and their home . 

What We Do